Hollywood : Lord of the Rings

In Lord of the Rings most of the visual effects are accomplished by a wild mix of digital and non digital techniques. These range from filming at different perspective over the use of scale models and miniatures to using completely computer generated images. The following pieces are taken from the making of on the Fellowship of the Ring DVD (Special Edition)

Making Of

The specials presented on the special extended edition DVD of "The Fellowship of the Ring" doesn't give away too many technical details but it clearly states that Weta Digital did use SGI computers during the production of the Lord of the Rings. Following is a screenshot that shows a well hidden Octane:

Octane at Weta Digital

The next couple of screenshots show some SGI monitors and screen contents that are obviously IRIX.

IRIX ScreenshotIRIX ScreenshotIRIX Screenshot

The following screenshot shows an SGI monitor and 2 Octanes (or actually the backs of them) in the background. This is during some motion capturing for the animation of the cave troll.

IRIX Screenshot with Octanes

This final picture shows again an SGI monitor and some Houdini boxes/docs.

SGI Monitor and Houdini