Fun Stuff

This section of the website is rather open. It includes topics that did not fit well into the other sections like the archive of Hollywood movies showing Silicon Graphics computers.



Back in the "good old days" SGI has been very popular in Hollywood. SGI computers were used in many studios for the development of the special effects. Also, there were quite a number of movies where SGI computers did appear on screen. The Hollywood section tries to give an overview of both. The Special Feature section offers some in depth coverage of specific movies.

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The benchmark page includes results from oldschool benchmarks like dhrystone, whetstone, linpack and STREAM. All data is gathered by running the benchmark binaries on real systems. Official benchmark figures that were used for marketing purposes are not included.

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Easter Eggs

Various IRIX related bits and pieces include easter-eggs, the most famous one probably being the recipies hidden in the dmedia man page. The easter eggs page introduces the know easter eggs hidden in SGI hardware and software.

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