2. The IRIS Indigo Workstation

The IRIS Indigo workstation was designed to be easy to set up, easy to use, easy to maintain, and easy to upgrade. The central unit, monitor, keyboard and mouse, and the various add-on pans that make up the IRIS Indigo system have all been designed with the user in mind:

2.1 IRIS Indigo Standard Equipment

The following equipment is included as standard equipment with IRIS Indigo.






2.1.1 IRIS Indigo Drive Bays

IRIS Indigo has three 3.5 drive bays.

2.1.2 IRIS Indigo Ports

On the back of the central unit are a number of industry-standard ports which can be used to connect other devices:

2.2 IRIS Indigo Optional Peripherals

Innovations improve an Indigo workstation's performance; standards allow it to work with the rest of the world. In addition to the two available 3.5" drive bavs, the IRIS Indigo ports allow connection of peripherals that conform to hardware standards such as SCSI-2, NTSC, 13AL, IEC- 958, and AES3, including printers, disk drives, CD-ROM drives, DAT drives, and a variety of external audio and video equipment.

2.2.1 3.5" internal Devices

Hard Drives

Floppy Drive

DAT Drive

2.2.2 External Devices

Storage Devices

CD-ROM Drive

Input Devices