In the software section an introduction of the IRIX operating system and it's development throughout the years will be given. Also, there will be an attempt to provide an overview of the free operating systems that may run on Silicon Graphics computer systems including Linux and NetBSD. Furthermore, an introduction into different sources of freeware / open source software made to run on Silicon Graphics computers is included.


IRIX Introduction

90s SGI Jewel Case front, ca. IRIX 5 up to IRIX 6.2.

The IRIX Introduction gives a short overview of the IRIX history and provides detail on the key features of this operating system which is specific to Silicon Graphics computers.

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IRIX History

In the IRIX History an attempt is made to list all known versions of IRIX along with notes about changes, current status or information on related media kits.

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GL2 History

The GL2 history page goes a step further. It is a collection of information on the operating system that was used by Silicon Graphics before IRIX.

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Other OS

For quite a while now attempts are made to port free operating systems like Linux or NetBSD to Silicon Graphics MIPS based computers. This page gives an overview of the different solutions and their status.

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IRIX 6.5 Gimp and Bluefish freeware.

This page is an introduction into different repositories of open source software for computers running IRIX. Also, a small share of precompiled binaries are available on this website.

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Tips & Tricks

In the Tips & Tricks section you will find some useful hints as well as complete guides into topics like network configuration or IRIX installation.

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