As a main part the Hardware section of this website contains in depth descriptions of most systems produced by Silicon Graphics. This information is accompanied by descriptions of the different subsystems and peripherals used in the context of these systems. Being an overview of dated equipment a timeline is provided to further describe the evolution of the hardware.



SGI O2 front with classic cube design.

The Systems pages are the core part of this website. They include in depth overviews of the different computers that were made by Silicon Graphics. This includes a glimpse at their history, details on the configuration, solutions to common problems and pointers to further information. While all computer systems are included, the focus is on the traditional IRIX/MIPS workstations and servers manufactured from 1988 up to the early 2000s.

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Extreme graphics boardset.

In the Graphics section an overview of the graphics options designed by Silicon Graphics is given. The individual pages in this section include basic technical data on the subsystems, configuration advice and where available more details on the technology behind the hardware.

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Indigo R4000 with Galileo breakout box.

The Video page tries to give an overview of the different video options that were available for silicon graphics computers. Included is basic technical data but no further detail. Links to other sources of information are provided where available.

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Small granite keyboard and newer style granite mouse.

This is a brief introduction into other components common with SGI systems. It gives an overview of different neparttworking technologies used and also compares the different processors powering Silicon Graphics computers.

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The timeline is nothing more than a visual timeline of Silicon Graphics computers. There is also a timeline or family tree of graphics options used in such systems.

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In the table section some additional overviews are presented. These include introductions into different hardware names, code names and so on.

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Tips & Tricks

Finally the tips & tricks section provides a different view of the solutions offered on the individual hardware pages. Also, it includes additional hints and guides not posted elsewhere on this website.

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