O2 Video


General Information

The O2 systems can be equipped with either the AV1 analog interfae or the AV2 digital interface. These options are mutually exclusive.

With the O2 it is possible to capture live video into the computer's memory. Also it is possible to generate a vidio output from graphics generated by the system.

The O2 video options are programmed using the VL library.

AV1 Analog Video

The AV1 interface supports Composite and SVideo (both analog), the video option adds both input and output jacks to the system. Although it is intended as an analog video interface, there is a digital input which is intended to be used with the O2Cam Digital System Camera.

AV2 Digital Video

The AV2 interface supports two ITU-601 (CCIR-601) serial digital video input as well as two output connectors. GPI in-/out are also available as are sync connectors. The input for the O2Cam is not present on the AV2 Digital Video option.


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